Security+ Checking has all the best features in a checking account!

Introducing Security+ Checking - By First Community credit union

Earn Interest*, plus ATM fee refunds annually¹

Just meet this easy qualification each month:

  • Use your debit card for 15 debit transactions or more to earn 3% APY*
  • <15 debit card transactions to earn 1% APY*

* Excluding ATM activity

Security+ Checking

Additional Benefits

ATM Fee Refunds

It’s simple — get cash when and where you need it without worrying about mounting ATM fees. You’ll receive refunds on fees incurred on non-FirstCCU ATM transactions nationwide, up to $10 per month.

Cell Phone Protection

Receive up to $400 in replacement or repair costs if your cell phones (or tablets) are stolen or damaged. Covers up to four phones on a cellular telephone bill paid through your Security+ Checking account. ($50 deductible applies)

ID Theft Protection

Rest easy knowing your identity is better protected should you become the victim of identity theft, with expense reimbursement coverage (up to $10,000) and comprehensive ID theft resolution services.

Piggy Bank Savings

With this optional program, FirstCCU rounds up every purchase made with your debit card to the nearest dollar. The rounded-up amount goes into a savings account and earns 3.00% APY. View disclosure

All this and more!

Applying is quick & easy

Additional Resources

SPC+ Checking Brochure (PDF) (COMING SOON) & SPC+ Benefit & Value Sheet (PDF) 

SPC+ Benefit & Value Sheet
Basic Checking Security+ Checking
Free Visa Debit Card
Eligible for Overdraft Protection Program*
Free FirstCCU Mobile App
Online Banking
ATM Fee Refunds*
Earn Interest
Piggy Bank Savings
Cell Phone Protection
$10,000 in ID Theft Protection
Free Boxes of Checks

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* APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APYs accurate as of 1/3/20 and valid until 12/31/20. Rates may change after account is opened. If qualifications are met each monthly qualification cycle: Domestic ATM fees incurred during qualification cycle will be reimbursed up to a $10 maximum credited to the account on or about the 5th day of the next month. “Qualification cycle” is equal to one calendar month or first day of the current statement cycle through the last day of the current statement cycle.

¹ For checking accounts balances $2,500.00 or less the APY received will depend on the number of debit card transactions posted during the statement cycle. If 15 or more debit card transactions are posted during the statement cycle the APY is 3.00%. If less than 15 debit card transactions are posted during the statement cycle the APY is 1.00%. Balances of $2,500.01 and higher earn 0.10% APY. Qualifying transactions must post to and clear account during monthly qualification cycle. Transactions may take one or more banking days from the date transaction was made to post to and clear an account. “Qualification cycle” is equal to one calendar month or first day of the current statement cycle through the last day of the current statement cycle. ATM transactions do not count as qualifying debit card transactions required to earn rewards, but any retail debit card transaction does (PIN-based or signature-based). Membership eligibility required with $5 pledge in savings.

**For new checking accounts, defined as the member not having a checking account within the last 12 months.

Piggy Bank Savings Disclosure
Piggy Bank Savings is a variable rate account, meaning the dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) is subject to change at any time. The dividend rate, effective as of August 1, 2019, is 3.00% APY. In order to qualify, a Security Plus (+) Checking (SPC) account must be opened and maintained in conjunction. Upon enrollment, the credit union will round up the amount of any debit card purchase from your SPC account to the next whole dollar amount, in excess of the purchase price; that amount will be transferred from your SPC account to the Piggy Bank Savings. The credit union will aggregate the round up amounts from purchases that post to your SPC account each business day and make a single transfer at the end of the business day. If on a business day you do not have sufficient available funds in your SPC account, we do not round up purchases posted on that business day and we cancel the Piggy Bank Savings transfer for that day. If your debit card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed, the corresponding round up transfer for that purchase will remain in the Piggy Back Savings. We may cancel the Piggy Bank Savings transfer at any time, at our discretion. Piggy Bank Savings is available only on debit cards linked to your SPC account indicated above. The only deposits allowed in the Piggy Back Savings, are the purchase round up transfers done by the credit union. Only one (1) withdrawal will be allowed per calendar year. Additional withdrawals will incur a fee of $3.00 per withdrawal. We may cancel or modify the Piggy Bank Savings at any time without prior notice. Piggy Bank Savings is not available for small business debit cards. Refer to our Truth-in-Savings disclosure for details.

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